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Top Five Relaxing Video Games

Life being stressful is a given - especially in today’s world. Everyone’s freaking out over pandemics, politics, and ethnic relations. Now, we know we can’t run from such issues. They must be faced. For as dangerous as the issues themselves are, ignoring them or doing nothing is far more deadly. Still, even God warned that worrying oneself to hysterics isn’t good either. Unchecked anxiety is harmful. He, our Great Physician, knows the importance of unwinding, releasing tension, and having fun. For while He is the ultimate source of perfect peace, He also invented fun for our benefit. We need it, and every good and perfect gift comes from Him.

Everyone has their favorite way to relax. For some it’s taking a walk. For others a favorite activity or pastime. For me, I love playing videogames. It’s the thrill of having an adventure and a challenge to conquer. That’s the ticket for me, but it’s no secret that when it comes to actually relieving stress, not all games are created equal. Thankfully, I have a few personal favorites for ‘those days’. You know. Those days when I’m not in an ambitious mood or need a decompressor. When they arrive at my doorstep, these are the games I like to boot on. So if you’re looking for a serene or uplifting escape yourself, consider these: