First Place Winner of the ACFW
'First Impressions' Award!

My quest to conceive a good Christian video game became a three month long Bible study. That Bible Study became an eight year long writing journey, and that writing journey lead to the creation of FlyingFaith and what I once called ‘the angel project’. It’s my debut book, Celestial—a story built upon exploring salvation’s core, what it means to live redeemed, and delivering a view of angels that’s closer to the reality God described in His Word than the manmade traditions and folklore we have largely accepted. It is my sincere hope that, although a Biblically plausible fiction story, Celestial will be a blessing to its readers and maybe even challenge them to ask the tough questions in how they perceive God’s tireless work - both in the visible and invisible plains.

What of you desired Christ's salvation but couldn't have it?

What if it was because you weren't human?

The Story:

For thousands of years, angels like Captain Jediah had waged war against their former brethren: the demons. As Keeper of the Abyss, it’s his duty to ensure Appolyon’s army remains imprisoned until the end of the age. Unfortunately, despite all that God had entrusted him with, Jediah is plagued by an unceasing guilt from an old, rash mistake. It drives him to thirst for Christ’s redemptive power. He would ask for it, if not for one glaring problem. He’s not human. God’s gift of salvation is meant for mankind alone.

Things change when God appoints Jediah to lead a covert task force, consisting of five wildly different angels. They must rely on each other to hunt down dangerous demons across the globe before they decimate the world. Jediah ponders if his return to earth might be his only chance to learn what human salvation is truly like. Unbeknownst to him, however, his mission will push him to his absolute limit. One of his angels hides a secret agenda, and the past that haunts him—now aware of his return—is hellbent on revenge. 

Can Jediah risk capture to find the relief he’s so desperate for? Or should he even chase what he cannot have at all? What does it truly mean to live redeemed?