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To all high-spirited Christians and to all non-Christians seeking something more, I bid you welcome! I’m Hannah Mae, and this is FlyingFaith - my personal blog and official website for my novels, podcast, and all my creative Christian friends


Much of our current entertainments have darkened. No longer are good clean morals valued. We’re seeing a movement in movies, videogames, and books that grows more and more hostile to God and His Word every day. My friends, that shadow is getting bigger. The Bible is labeled too restrictive and narrow-minded to instill creativity; that we, the Christian Creatives, must abandon the Word to gain originality in our works. Well, if that were true, I literally would not be here. 


Several years ago, God lead me through a Scriptural study on angels, and through that study He inspired me to write my first novel: Celestial - a Biblically driven, original epic. He showed me just how His Word is not only capable of enriching our walk with Him. It’s also the most clarifying and freeing tool for the artists in their craft. No matter if you’re a game developer, a writer, a painter, or a musician; the Bible with the Holy Spirit can take your masterpiece to newer, greater heights!


So come! Subscribe and join me here on FlyingFaith! Let’s re-discover the power of the Godly perspective together and how it can elevate our creations to something higher than ourselves. God has gifted us this incredible power to reignite His wonders in others' hearts. We must use it today, and we won’t have to play by the world’s rules to do it.


Inspiration flies highest on faith’s wings.

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