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Meet the Characters!

In my fiction book Celestial, six angels are brought together by God to accomplish a monumental task. So here’s a quick peek at the primary heroes of the literary pages.


Which Type of Angel Would  You Be in Celestial?

Captain Jediah

Name Meaning: God Knows; God Protects

Angelic Type: Soldier

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Dubbed Apollyon’s Bane due to his valor in the Scorpion Wars, Captain Jediah had become one of the most respected warriors in God’s army. Steadfast, occasionally stern, yet compassionate, he’s adamant about doing things right in the right way. As Keeper of the Abyss, it’s his primary mission to keep its demons imprisoned until the end of the age.


Name Meaning: Reliever of Anxiety

Angelic Type: Ministry

Ever so kindhearted, Nechum has been the primary protector of a small town in the British countryside for several decades. He tries to deal patiently with others, even if slightly annoyed. You can’t depend on him to throw a punch, but you can be confident he’ll always have a listening ear and a gentle hand.


Name Meaning: Shrouded, Hidden, Covered

Angelic Type: Angel of Death

Few know what goes on in Alameth’s head. Tall, quiet, and stoic, he tends to keep to himself and intimidate those around him. Still, the angels that work closest with him know he’s one of the most earnest there is. Knowing whether or not he actually feels anything, though, is another matter . . . .


Name Meaning: Happy

Angelic Type: Messenger


Ever joyful, Akela passionately lives up to the name God gave him. His insatiable curiosity drives him to see, experience, and learn about every little thing God created. For to him, God’s love, glory, and purpose can be seen in everything - be it place, person, thing, animal, or angel. (He has yet to make a smooth landing.)

Private Eran

Name Meaning: Watchful, Awake

Angelic Type: Soldier

Weapon of Choice: Chinese Yo-Yo

Private Eran is one of Captain Jediah’s most loyal wingmen and battle partners with his best friend, Private Laszio. His knack for thinking outside the box makes him quite the strategist, yet his tendency to second guess often belittles his potential.

Private Laszio

Name Meaning: God is my Help

Angelic Type: Soldier

Weapon of Choice: Chinese Yo-Yo

Private Laszio is the second of Captain Jediah’s most loyal wingmen, and he’s Private Eran’s best friend and battle partner. He’s the smallest member of Jediah’s barracks. It doesn’t help that he’s the weakest too, but his firecracker personality and tireless desire to improve his skills far outweighs his meager size.

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