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More About Hannah!


Life Verse

2 Timothy 4:1-4

Favorite Videogames

Myst, Kingdom Hearts, Jedi: Fallen Order, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Professor Layton, Portal, and Journey

Favorite Books

Myst: The Book of Atrus, Pilgrim’s Progress, The Left Behind Series, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings

Favorite Movies

How To Train Your Dragon, The Mask of Zorro, Kung Fu Panda, National Treasure, almost everything produced by Marvel up to Endgame and all the Spiderman films, and anything produced by the Kendrick Brothers

Favorite Music Artists

Huey Lewis and the News, Lindsey Stirling, Peter Hollens, David Erik Ramos, Eliot Tordo, Susan Boyle, and Josh Groban


Favorite Composers

Hans Zimmer, John Powell, James Newton Howard, Gareth Coker, James Horner, Yoko Shimomura, Tomohito Nishiura, and Austin Wintory

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About Hannah Mae

         Since day one, Hannah Mae and her two sisters were instilled with a love for God and His Scriptures by their loving parents. She grew up in the Ohio Miami Valley, graduated from homeschool in 2012 at the age of 17, and finished two online pre-college semesters and earned a scholarship with Ohio Christian University. However, it was ten years earlier, at the tender age of seven, when she gave her life to Christ and personally declared Him her Lord and Savior. Since then, she’s been driven to do her best to cultivate and use the many interests God gifted her with for Him.


         Hannah co-owns and teaches dance with her sisters in her family’s studio, A Time To Dance Performing Arts Ed.. She enjoys making jewelry, playing guitar, and furthering her ocarina skills. She’s also a church custodian, a Christian apologist, and a proud supporter of Answers in Genesis. Being an avid gamer, her love of videogames lead her to working as a game reviewer for Christ Centered Gamer and becoming a key beta tester for That Game Company’s award winning game, Sky. Crazier still is how God used her dreams of becoming a game designer to turn her into something she never considered: a writer.


         Hannah’s game design, Celestial, became her very first book thanks to her friends and family’s encouragement, and now she can’t imagine not writing. She joined the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Realm Makers organizations. She’s been trained by published authors like Kathy Tyers and Tosca Lee and worked with award-winning writer, Patrick E. Craig. She founded FlyingFaith in 2020 and established her own podcast FlyingFaith Talks on Apple podcasts and Spotify. Then in 2021, Hannah Mae was honored to be awarded 1st place in the ACFW First Impressions Contest and became a Realm Awards Finalist in 2023 for best Supernatural novel of 2022. However, she wants it known that nothing would have been possible without Jesus, her Savior, who opened paths and gave her an unquenchable thirst for adventure and discovery. It’s her continuing aim to honor Him in all she does and for the stories she weaves to lead others to Him.

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Hannah's Faith Statement

I, Hannah Mae, am a born again Christian. What that means is I’m a natural-born sinner through Adam, who was the first of all humanity. I was dead in my sin. I’m thus deserving of eternal death before a holy God, who is three persons in one (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). I could do nothing to save myself. However, I also believe—though while I still was lost to my sins—He loved me so much as to send His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus came to earth to fulfill the Old Testament Law and to offer Himself on the cross as an atoning sacrifice for my sins and for the sins of all who repent, believe, and claim His sacrifice to cover their sin-debts. I, Hannah, declared Him my Savior, the Master of my heart, and the First in all my desires at seven years old.

Therefore, not by my works or my virtues, but by God’s grace and His grace alone have I died to self and was born again to be His adopted daughter. I believe His Holy Spirit is living and active in His adopted family: the church. His Spirit now indwells in me as it does in all believers, and He continues to sanctify me to become more and more like Christ, who is coming back soon for His church.

I, Hannah, also believe in the authority of God’s Scriptures. God Himself, through the empowerment of over forty authors within the course of 2,000 years, wrote its pages and preserved its canon 66 books throughout all time. It is a fully cohesive narrative that reveals His character and His mission for our rescue through Jesus. It is without equal. It cannot be added to or subtracted from in any way and supersedes any and all human opinion whether that opinion be collective, individual, or personal. It is useful for edification, discernment, learning, encouragement, and for every kind of need a Christian might have in order to live a life that best honors the Lord who loves us and who’m we love.

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