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Sudden Change in Plans

Hi everyone!

I know this is unexpected, but there’s been a slight change of plans in my scheduled blog line-up. Due to an incredibly amazing circumstance (which I’m not allowed to talk about at this time), the articles I originally had scheduled for today and next week had to be postponed. Some of you may already be aware of what just happened. Most of you likely aren’t, but allow me to assure you that nothing bad has happened. It’s actually wonderful. It’s just that in deference to those in authority over me, I must follow a certain protocol for the time being until mid-December. I’ll be eager to give you the full scoop then.

As a result, I suddenly found myself with no article to post this week. However, I decided this might be a golden opportunity to recieve feedback from you all in how this website and my blogs might be improved. If you email me directly ( you can become subscribed (if you’re not already) and share your thoughts on this website. You see, I hear very little feedback most of the time. It leaves me clueless on how to better deliver on the kind of content you’d love to see. So I’d like to know from all of you what kinds of FlyingFaith posts you enjoy most? And what kinds of subscriber exclusive content would truly appeal to you? Or what could I do better?

I’d really appreciate any insight you can offer. I want to serve you as best I can, but I tend to hear nothing from anybody. So please, take the time to email me and express your opinions. I also welcome any additional comments or suggestions if you have any.

Thank you so much! And thank you for your patience under the circumstances. (Seriously though, you have no idea how I eager I am to tell you what’s going on, buuuut all good things to those who wait.)

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