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‘Celestial’ Impact

Publishing a book is one of the biggest 'Huzzah!' moments anyone can experience. Few understand this, but there are more banes to an author's sanity than the occasional writer's block. Stress levels rise the longer the clock ticks. Expectations mount. Pressures squeeze. All the while, we risk our hearts just to influence a story that can easily influence us right back. What’s more? The demanding effort this takes only grows the longer development lasts. We authors aren't relay sprinters. We’re cross-country runners! Is it any surprise then why 90% of those who attempt a novel quit the race? Only a rare few are gifted the fortitude to cross that finish line. Award-winner or not; 'Best Seller' or not; finishing that first book is unforgettable. When I finished Celestial, I remember the second I first held my first print copy. I was a mixed up, emotional mess! I cried tears of joy, relief, and disbelief!

Writing Celestial was every bit mentally challenging as it was spiritually sanctifying for me—more than worth the trouble of making. However, the Lord was far from done with it after its release. Celestial (like all good things) was intended for an outcome much higher than popularity, so I was prayerfully eager to see whom He’d bring the book to and what impact Celestial might have.

Then I entered my first book signings and watched His work in action…

One of my earliest stints was at the Cozy and Bookish Book Fair. Sale results were small. Far fewer people attended than the event coordinators expected. Still, the slower pace eased me into the experience. I didn't know exactly what to expect. I just knew 'smile, be friendly, and be prepared'. It was all I could do not to stare people toward (or further away from) my booth.

Then everything clicked! Many visited my table. Not everyone bought Celestial, but I didn’t run short of chances to share about my book’s adventure and the adventure I had in writing it. As often as I talked about Celestial, Christ centered the conversations. Vistors’ eyebrows rose. Thier eyes alighted, and the Gospel automatically leaped from me. There weren’t even any hostile skeptics. I thought there’d be at least one, but nope! None came! Instead, the Lord crossed my path with receptive listeners; including a troubled lady I got to pray with. In the midst of sellers and buyers, Celestial was already making waves in the most important places!

These events weren’t just about customers though. It’s about my fellow authors too. The most meaningful conversations were often with my neighbors. Some writers were fellow Believers. I even shared space with Linore Burkhard—the same lady who got me writing in the first place! But I also interacted with those unfamiliar with Jesus. Still, God blessed those moments too. A Gospel-saturated book like Celestial can’t help but spark discussions. One author, who didn’t even believe in God, even accepted an open prayer from me after we talked. He didn’t leave saved, but who knows? Maybe that was the first big step in an eternal direction!

Representing Celestial in different stores allowed me to bond with shopkeepers too. Sure, interactions with them were limited, but even small minutes are impactful. One particular store owner liked Celestial so much, she not only bought my books upfront. She buys every single copy I don’t sell at her events for extra stock. We love chatting about life and faith whenever I visit!

The Bible says our Christian walk is by faith, not by sight. We don’t see Jesus, but we know He lives. We can’t see the impact He has over others’ hearts either, but God’s work is constant, certain, and everywhere! Whatever He actually does let us see is but a scant peek through a keyhole at the fullness of His work. Tiny windows like these aren’t owed to us. They’re precious gifts and sustain our hope!

I may be a small indie author. My sales aren’t breaking records or noteworthy. However, I still believe in my Lord’s distribution plan, and based on these small interactions and the reviews Celestial has received so far, He’s generously showed me that He’s making the book’s impact everything I prayed and dreamed of! No matter when I see it; no matter how much I see of it; nor even how little; I’m humbled and blessed to witness the part Celestial is playing in the only harvest that actually counts!

All glory be to God: the original Great Author!

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