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Realm Makers Finalists (2023-2024)

The 2024 Realm Makers Conference is near, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s that magical moment when hundreds of Christian writers gather from across the nation to mingle, celebrate, and learn. But these aren’t just any writers of faith. They are writers of the rarest breed. These are Christain authors who deal in fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, horror, and all manner of fiction designed to thrill the wildest of imaginations! For if our God is God over all things, then He is Lord over things both real and imagined and more literature that embodies His Gospel and character in its aliens and elves is something the world continues to need.

One of the marquee ways the Realm Makers organization celebrates the best of the best of these imaginative books is their annual Realm Awards. Last year, I was humbled and honored that they selected my novel Celestial as worthy of such recognition. Today, as we turn to applaud 2024’s new lineup of Finalists, I couldn’t be happier for them and am always thrilled to see more amazing authors God is raising up for His glory. In this age where entertainment reigns largely supreme in the hearts and minds of millions, the Creatives who champion the Word in their stories are indispensable!

So let’s celebrate these authors! Here is an article published by the ‘Story Teller Squad’ website about last year’s ‘Book of the Year’, Calor by J.J. Fischer (which also so happened to mention Celestial too), and down below are the 2023 and 2024 Finalist listings! Check them out! Give a BIG three cheers to all these talented Realm Award Winners and Finalists, and if you’ve read any of them, comment and share about your favorites down below! Who are your favorite Realm Award Finalists and Winners? How did their stories impact you?

Article Links:

(Photo of the 2023 Realm Awards Finalists and Winners.)

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