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Story Prompt Look-back! - Part 2

Resvisiting all the stories these pictures inspired were so much fun, I wanted to do it again! Here are a few more story entries from FlyingFaith's followers! Isn't God's gift of imagination so wonderful? You never know what story someone may see, and you never know which tale might have full fiction potential!

(All works of are are owned by their original artists.)

“Tessa shone her light into the darkness of the Cloud Realm. If she could just pierce through, she could free her father. She gazed intently, hoping to see the outline of someone, anyone, as white pterodactyl-hawks swooped around them. Thad sat at her feet, watching as the light of their airship lamp pierced into the thunderhead, along with several others. All of them had lost family to the insidious Realm. Light was the only way to bring that family home. ” - C. E. Stone

“Jeremiah had just finished watering his turtle garden buddy, Lucas. His city was atop the giant turtle, Gigantous, the Turtle King and gaurdian of the people of his city.” - Blizzardstormer

“The boy is the last of his kind: wolf shifers. In a moment of unkown grave danger, he is shown the pack he would've been king over guarding his home. As they slowly pace around the parameter, the boy sees his father and younger brother. They are here to help.” - steph.s_storyworld

“Farmer Peormian couldn't believe his luck...Or curse. Had this gracious god sacrificed itself to fertilize his farm and feed his growing family? Or throw itself, dead, on his land to keep it from growing? If only the turtle-riders had passed by today. They would know for sure.” - Matt Starr

“Betsy, tired of the giant bone mites attacking her necro-cattle, grabs her daddy's boomstick to get some justified vengeance” - Jason McCoy

“Gulliamme has certainly riled the crowd.”


"Did I make the right choice, sir knight? Accepting the English's terms of peace in surrender?"



"... I am no statesman, majesty."

"No. I suppose not. Shall we?"

"If you wish." - Matt Starr

“If I can play the right tune at the proper tempo before the stroke of midnight, the spell will be broken and my humanity will be restored... but I only have five minutes left!” - Tony Ross

Thanks again, everyone, for sharing your wonderful ideas! Follow FlyingFaith on Instagram and Facebook to participate in more fun story prompts like these every Thursday! What stories will you come up with?

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