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Story Prompt Look-back!

It all began last September. I was on the road with my family. We were wandering around a sizable candy-store, stretching our legs. A random puzzlebox sat wedged between a few toys and some Funko Pops, yet its intriguing artwork of a young adventurer accompanied by three wolves piqued my writer’s intuition so well; I stared and stared at it. ‘This picture has a story just begging to breakout,’ I told myself, ‘But what?’ This sparked a fresh idea, and a weekly tradition for FlyingFaith’s media network was born!

Since then, I’ve been posting the most fascinating and thought-provoking artwork I come across every Thursday and asking followers, ‘What story do you see?’, and boy, oh boy! It’s been a blast reading the wildly differing tales others come up with. How amazing is God’s design to make imagination between humans as distinctive as fingerprints?

Pictures paint a thousand words and sprout a thousand stories. Let’s look back and enjoy a few of them! (All artworks are owned by their original artists.)

“She was kidnapped as a child and sold as a slave to someone who hunted down and killed followers of The Way. She saw their dedication and love for each other and even their persecutors and knew there was something she was missing. She finally got up the courage to run away and the wolves (who were trained by the followers of the way) and one of their trainers discovered her as she struggled to survive on her own and led her to a community. There, she became a follower of The Way, and goes out with the wolves to hunt for and rescue anyone searching for The Way or even just trying to escape the oppressive society and find hope.” - Kayla Baumann

“Aha! Here it is! The tome that will teach us how to control gravity! *Ladder starts tipping backward* I-better-read-it-faaaasst!” - Tony Ross

“[This is] a young peasant girl mourning the loss of her father in a graveyard. At dusk, all the fierce emotions swirling within her snap and awaken a power she’s only heard of in legends. She is a fire dancer and one of the hidden daughters of the King of Fire, given away for their own protection.” - Julia White

“This was Kadd’s last chance. Six tries was all he had to prove that anyone could throw a knife. If he failed, he would have to clean the litter cells. For three months.” - Matt Starr

“Sir Reginald Squeak. In the steampunk city of Gear-Grind, he was born an orphan and was living on the streets for several years till he turned twelve. A kind little girl took him in. Not as a pet but as a life long friend. After some self-training, Squeak became a fighter and hopes to join some worthy cause to apply his fighting skills for the good of all he loved and cared about.” - Blizzardstormer

“I think it’s an enchanted chicken being used to bring wands to two captive wizards so that they can break out of their prison and join the magical war raging for the freedom of all peoples.” - John E. Botkin

“The plane collapsed, as Hermit Telmeid had predicted. Sophia, a disciple of the hermit’s first generation of followers, and no choice but to test her ideological grandfather’s theory on her home. And, de facto, herself….” - Matt Starr

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