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Celestial Diaries: Origins

Updated: Apr 13

[Entry #1]

I can’t speak for every author, but I think I can say with certainty that writing any book is a journey in itself. There’s a backstory to starting it. There’s emotional highs and lows. The pace of it goes through lulls and sudden speeds. I’m pretty certain most authors might even say producing their masterpiece changed them just as much if not more than the characters they create. I’d say that happened to me. In fact, I had zero idea that taking on an artform I had little interest in for a side-project was God’s plan for enriching our relationship and maturing me. And now that my first book, Celestial, is getting very close to publishment, I can’t think of a better time to start sharing my own author journey. This is the first entry of the story behind Celestial’s story from conception to completion.

Like any proper story, a good beginning informs the reader what to anticipate and sets up the characters for the parts they’ll be playing. God enacts His plans no differently. Study any person in the Bible, and it becomes obvious how God ensured their origins prepared and equipped them for the destinies He chose them for. It’s funny how some think God no longer works that way. I guess it’s just easier to see spot in historical figures, who’s beginning and ending have already been spelled out. If we stood in their shoes, though, we probably would be just as blind to God’s early planning as we are now with ourselves. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed my origins would prep me for book writing either. Now I look back and wonder how I didn’t notice.