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Book Review: Keeper of Shadows - [by Heather Halverstadt]

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

[This book review is presented here on FlyingFaith in proud partnership with H. Halverstadt Books]

Keeper of Shadows is an overt Christian allegory. Noire, a human man cursed to live as a raven by day, has made an unholy alliance with the sorceress Venefica, in an attempt to break the curse. She sends him to spy on and ruin the beautiful and faithful Lysanne, who is all that stands between Venefica and the power she desires. Noire doesn’t believe in the King of All Lands, but the King isn’t finished with him yet, and a fierce battle ensues for his soul.

Lysanne has no power of her own, but her strong faith in the King keeps Venefica’s Shadow Mist (which Venefica gets from the Thief of Souls) at bay. She doesn’t blame the King for the low vision she has had since birth, and trusts him even when she is afflicted with chronic illness, but she struggles with self-doubt and self-worth.

This book overflows with spiritual themes. Redemption, self worth, and trusting God when bad things happen are major themes in Keeper of Shadows, as are trusting in God rather than yourself, true faith vs religiosity, and the idea that no one is so evil that they are beyond repentance. Believers in the King are not portrayed as perfect- they struggle with faith and sometimes sin against each other. There are magical creatures like unicorns, fairies and other amazing creatures, but they are all portrayed as agents of the King or the Thief of Souls. More than anything else, this book examines whether people who have chronic illnesses or have done terrible things can still be he