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Fiction and Theology - [By Crystal Grant]

I have always felt God in fiction. Not all fiction, of course. But in a lot of the fiction I read—no matter the genre—I have always been able to close the book after that last chapter and feel something that God wanted to teach me. A little nugget of wisdom to carry with me, or sometimes a mirror into the flaws that hold me back from being the woman He wants me to be.

But how can this be? Fiction isn’t real, right? It’s just a made-up story. Well, yes, that’s true. Fiction is just a made up story. But in an opening keynote at a virtual writer’s conference, N.D. Wilson described this life we’re living as God’s story and we are all part of it. We are all characters in God’s story.

So, if God can write a story, why can’t we? And if God can write His story in such a way that it touches us, changes us, and teaches us, why can’t we? (No, I’m not comparing my writing ability to His!)