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Bible Mysteries: #1. Angelic Perfection?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

[I highly recommend to have a Bible in hand.]

Angels. They’re known as those higher beings who come down from glorious heaven to minister to us, protect us, and declare God’s messages to our dark, sinful world. It’s no wonder then how they’ve garnered a reputation as denizens of holiness. The very word ‘angel’ in today’s world is associated with physical and spiritual perfection. However, have we ever taken the time to ponder if there might be more to this idea? Are angels really as perfect as we made them out to be? Or are they more flawed than we thought?

Now, when it comes to the Bible’s definition of perfection, it doesn’t only pertain to sinlessness. It also covers completeness, so to be perfect means to have neither faults nor needs. You must be totally blameless and self-sufficient. If one keeps that in mind, then this age old view of perfect angels isn’t supportable by the Word of God. You heard me right. Angels are not perfect. They simply can’t be, but how can we be sure? To claim they’re otherwise might soun