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Bible Mysteries: #3. Angels and Marriage

To recap our previous Bible Mystery, we were showcasing how the Bible makes no hint or mentioning of female angels. Every named angel is given a male name. They all appear as males and are referred to in the male sense. Even the very word ‘angel’ itself is associated with the masculine in the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. However, there are understandable arguments that just because the Bible never mentioned a female angel doesn’t mean there couldn’t possibly be one. Some even thoughtfully wondered if the verse that says ‘angels aren’t given in marriage’ (Matthew 22:33) means that angels could potentially marry. Thus, female angels would have to exist. So is there still a possibility? Well, I guess in the long run, yes. There remains a possibility, and whether female angels do or don’t exist won’t effect our salvation in Christ at the slightest. However, there are more reasons to believe the existence of female angels isn’t likely. God’s invention of two human genders was no afterthought. His Word shows us just how purposeful our natures as men and women truly are in creation, and if we look harder, He also left hints that, while angels are all male, they aren’t exactly ‘male’ either for similar if mysterious reasons. The key here is to focus on two details: God’s character and His design-work.

To learn about God through Scripture, we must listen and look at how He portrays Himself. Over and over we see that when it comes to designing and planning, no one equals Him. Every even