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Special Edition: We Gather Together

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

“Sing praises to His name, He forgets not His own.” - Adriaen Valerius

Ah, Thanksgiving Day; one of my three all time favorite holidays (the other two being Easter and Christmas). It’s possibly the most unique celebration of the year, due to the simple fact that it doesn’t involve giving or receiving anything. It’s centered on contentment. It’s a day for families to reflect and rejoice in what they have and in the experiences they lived. Not to mention, besides the feast days God established for Israel, America happens to be the first known country in earth’s six thousand year history to officially establish a day of giving thanks. That’s pretty telling how one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving Day is if you ask me.

I, like everybody else, love the warm fuzzies that come wrapped in the aromas of a spice laden kitchen. I love cooking savory dishes with my mom and sisters in the morning, watching the jubilant Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the restfulness that comes from counting God’s blessings one by one as the hours coast by. God’s goo