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Some Favorite Underrated Films

To say that I’m from a movie loving family would be an understatement. We thoroughly adore movies. When it comes to evening entertainment, nine times out of ten, we’ll put on a movie. On top of that, we don’t rent movies or pay for a streaming service. We personally own all of our films. We’ve got so many, my mom has catalogued every single one into three tiny booklets in alphabetical order along with their rating, runtime, and whether it’s on VHS or DVD. We’re practically film junkies.

With that being said, I enjoy tons of the most famous films in cinema. I’ve also cringed through some of the dumbest plot mashed disasters ever put to screen, but sometimes we also get the genuine pleasure of finding those movie gems that either have been forgotten or never truly got their due. So while I cannot possibly list all of those underrated masterpieces today, I still see no harm in sharing a few that come often to my mind. Perhaps I’ll share more in the future.

(Take note. The movies I’m listing aren’t all entirely kid friendly, so I’ll be sure to place warning labels so you’d know what’s in there and what bits you’d either want to censor or skip.)