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Pressing on to Maturity (Video Special!)

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

In my podcast episode, Return to the Lamppost, one of the key elements I referenced but had too little time to fully emphasize was how important it is for each of us to dive into the Word of God for ourselves. Well, lo and behold, just a few days after I finished recording, my Pastor preached a remarkable message that profoundly covered that very subject---and in vastly keener detail than I'm equipped to express. In fact, it came so closely hand-in-hand with my episode, the strongest urge to share it here as a necessary follow-up overtook me. So after receiving special permission from the pastoral/church staff, FlyingFaith is proud to present to you this video recording of the entire sermon today.

Yes. This is a long video, but I implore you...from the bottom of my heart...whether you've listened to Return to the Lamppost or not...PLEASE, make it a priority to hear this message from God's Word all the way through. Listen to it while you eat dinner. Listen while you're taking a bath. Include your family and have them listen with you as part of your family time. Whatever you have to do to fit it in your schedule, do it. This is something EVERY Christian should hear and be challenged to apply.

Ever wondered how strong your spiritual maturity truly is? Or if your understanding of the Word is where it should be? Ever wanted to go deeper in your spiritual walk but feel too defeated to try or don’t even know how? This message is more than worth your time....

Message Title: Pressing on to Maturity

Key Scripture: Hebrews 5:11 - 6:3

Speaker: - Pastor Greg Birdwell

Original recording is owned and provided by Providence Bible Fellowship Church

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