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Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

America. . . .What is America? These days, I don’t believe many of us know anymore. We used to call ourselves the land of the free and the home of the brave. But are we brave? Are we free? Really think about that, especially now. Ponder those two little words: brave and free. Now look around you. Voices are censored. People are bullied into silence. History’s heroes are stripped of their honor. The churches are forced into absence, and those who are purely focused on nurturing homes and families had left the door to power wide open for abusers who care nothing for it. That’s the America we have now. One group tends to quake and weep in a corner. The other glorifies government control, looting, and burning. Is that what a free and brave people were meant to be?

Ladies and gentlemen, what is it to be brave and free? Many believe bravery is the willingness to fight back, and freedom is to do as you please. We were told a place with people like that would be perfect paradise. That it’s the kind of country we should hope to achieve - the apex of dreams. Well then, I ask you this. Do you like it now? Because sadly, my dear readers, that dream has indeed manifested before our very eyes. It’s precisely the kind of bravery and freedom we’ve bought. People ‘bravely’ and ‘freely’ attack their neighbors; evade justice with loopholes; and skew truth into lies. Morals are treated as nothing more than a human invention used to restrict and oppress ‘marginalized’ groups. Let every man here ‘bravely’ and ‘freely’ do what is right in his own eyes is the mantra. ‘You do you’. My readers, that’s the free and the brave that we’ve either become or allowed others to be, but it’s certainly not the kind of country our heroes died for.

What led poor refugees to abandon their whole world to settle untamed wilderness? What made thirteen colonies challenge a world power? What was so important for