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Celestial Diaries: A New Direction

Updated: Mar 17

[Entry #4; Continued from Entry #3]

Everyone’s had the rug pulled out from under them at least once in their lives. Generally, nobody likes that. It’s disorienting, disappointing, and aggravating. In the case of Celestial’s future, it wasn’t so much that I got thrown off my rug hard enough to crack my skull. It was more like somebody poked me off my rug inches at a time with a sharp stick. Annoying? Yes. Frustrating? Certainly. Honestly though, it felt more wearisome than anything, but I guess, when I’m as stubborn as I am, lengthy pestering was an effective way for God to get my attention. He had other plans for my game design, and it took Him prodding me right off the game designer track to begin Celestial on the author track.

Those who’ve followed me on FlyingFaith for a while probably heard me mention how Celestial went from game to book. Truth be told, though, that was kinda the cliff