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CCG Review: Forgiveness- Escape Room

Updated: May 31, 2021

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Sin is too harsh a word for some people. Now, we have no problem admitting no one is perfect. We have little problem saying everyone has done, said, or thought something wrong. What’s this conniption then with the word sin? Some just think sin is too dirty or uncomfortable a term, and thanks to Scriptures we know exactly why. To sin is to admit the existence of laws that shouldn’t be broken. To be a sinner implicates someone’s unstoppable urge to break important rules, and to have sinned is to acknowledge that there is a higher authority you have to fess up to. Thus, the word ‘sin’ leaves no room for excuse. It’s inescapable. As for Forgiveness: Escape Room by Chaos Minds, it’s a puzzle game that asks its players a similar question. Can they escape threatening rooms any better than their own sins, or can they not?

Before I played this game I had heard of real escape rooms before. Perhaps some of you readers have experienced them, but for those of you who haven’t, let me explain. Escape rooms are basically giant puzzles. You and your buddies are locked in a space and given limited time to figure your way out. It’s kind of like Myst if it were limited to one room, and for this big Myst fan, I was excited to try Forgiveness. The one thing I’m less a fan of is the game’s scary atmosphere. Fortunately, Forgiveness seemed tame enough for me. When you first begin, the game will start you in the prologue level. You wake up in a decrepit medical room. Your abductor, Dr. Benjamin Smith, unveils his disdain for you and society under no uncertain terms. According to him, people reek with sin. They are stupid, hopeless, and selfish, so he’s decided