Editing with Eternal Purpose!

It’s tough to be an author. It’s even tougher to be a Christian author. Not only do you have to develop a compelling plot with interesting settings, three dimensional characters, and a flowing narrative. Lots of times, you struggle to showcase your faith in a convincing yet Biblically respectful way. This is due mostly because ensuring correct theology and preventing heavy-handed evangelism in your creative choices adds yet another whole ballgame on top of the first. It can be dizzying as well as exhausting. I know that’s how I felt when I wrote something as complex and demanding as Celestial. There were several times I wished I had someone to test my work Biblically as well as creatively - to help my book reach a standard of excellence along with God-honoring integrity. It’s a particular need that’s seldom offered among editors. Well, if that describes your struggle, I’d love to come alongside you and be that person you’re looking for.


I started FlyingFaith Developmental Edits because I believe great fiction books are as much a gift from God as the air we breathe. Few things match their power over hearts and minds. Thus, having the Scriptural training to evaluate any story’s ethical and spiritual influence is every bit as essential as having proficiency in pacing; character development; worldbuilding; and structure. Now, maybe you want your book Biblically tested. Maybe you don’t. Either way, as your development editor, it’s my wish to follow Christ’s example and make myself a servant to you and your story. I’ll give you both the care and attention you deserve. I’ll help you strengthen your book and its message. God especially fashioned and chose you to tell that tale. This is as much a time for you to deepen your intimacy with Him as it is for Him to write His letter on readers’ hearts through you. As a Christian, your story is sacred to Him. So shall it be to me. Let’s draw out its best potential!


My Favorite Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, and Speculative


My Least Favorite Genres: Romance, Contemporary, and super-gory Horror (No zombies!)


**Subscribers to FlyingFaith get a 25% discount on all editing services!!!**


Hannah’s Qualifications


As a writer, I am the proud author of Celestial and owner of this blog. I have been an active member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) critique groups for nearly a decade, and I received the 1st place ACFW First Impressions award in speculative fiction. I’ve worked as a video game reviewer for ChristCenteredGamer for four years. I’m an active member of Realm Maker’s. I’ve also put several years worth of self-tutoring with online videos in the writing arts. I have also learned more about the writing craft from teachers like Tosca Lee, Linore Rose Burkard, Carla Hotch, and Kathy Tyers and worked with other published authors like Patrick E. Craig and Crystal Grant.


As a student of the Bible, I have engaged in the practice of in-depth Bible study since childhood under the guidance of my family: among whom included my dad (a church elder) and my grandfather (a Pastor and church founder). I’ve learned from sermons and curriculum by some of the greatest preachers of our time: Voddie Bauchum, Charles Swindoll, and Tony Evans. I am also trained in Christian apologetics through the organization Answers in Genesis, and as of right now, I’m  learning expository Bible Study to further my understanding of God’s Word. It’s all part of my never ending mission to apply the Biblical worldview into every aspect of my life and enrich my relationship with Christ, my Lord and Savior. He is my prize.

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Manuscript Submissions Open in

August and January!

Submission and Payment Instructions

If you’d like my help and had picked your service of choice below, here's how to begin and how payments work.

(Step #1) - Email your manuscript as a Word Document to  Be sure to give me your full story synopsis (spoilers included), your name, your book’s name, and your personal goals for your project. Then send it under the subject line: 

(FF Edits: [service plan name here]). 

You should receive an email confirming if your manuscript has been accepted or not. Clients with accepted manuscripts will also receive their full price quote and their position number in Hannah’s work lineup. If no confirmation email reaches you in five days, check your spam and/or resubmit your manuscript.

(Step #2) - Have your first check pay to the order of Hannah Colvin. Don’t forget to name your editing service of choice and the name of your manuscript in the memo.

(Step #3) - Mail your check to the address you’re given in your email price quote.

(Step #4) - Confirmation of payment will be emailed to you upon your check’s acceptance. Hannah will later notify you when she starts work on your manuscript.

(Step #5) - After your edit is done and Hannah emails you your final feedback, repeat steps 2-3 to pay her the second half of your fee.

Thank you!

** - Terms and Conditions - **

Hannah reserves the right to refuse any manuscripts at her own discretion.

Service is first come, first serve.

Unless Hannah’s workload is too piled up, reservations are available, but editing can take some time. Possibly months. So please plan accordingly.

Manuscripts are priced per page based on industry standards. This mean your manuscript must have:

 - Double line spacing - 

 - 1 inch margins - 

 - 'Times New Roman' Font - 

 - Font size 12 - 

 - Each chapter start at the very top of its own page - 

!!Please double check your manuscripts within the settings described for an accurate price estimation. I will adjust your manuscript to specifications if it’s off, which may not reflect the price quote you expect. So please, DOUBLE CHECK!!

Available Services (Payments by Check Only)

  • Best Value

    Complete Edit

    Complete Dev. Edit and Scripture Screening (Priced per Page)
    • In-depth Manuscript Assesment with full Markups
    • Fixes for Plot, Pacing, Characters, and Themes
    • In-Depth Biblical Checkups and Improvments
    • Faith to Story Application Advice
    • Weekly Progress Emails and Final Feedback Email
  • Biblical Screening

    For Authors only After Scripture Checkups (Priced per Page)
    • Scriptural Checkup
    • Faith to Story Application Advice
    • Singular Feedback Email
  • Sample Edit

    For those who just want to try it out.
    Free Plan
    • Free Two Page Edit with Markups
    • Quick Feedback Email

Manuscript Submissions Open in

August and January!


Contact me if you have any questions!

I look forward to flying with you!